Monday, November 11, 2013

A Marathon Day

I did this. Wow. P.S. Image comes from Check it out!

I survived the first NaNo marathon on Saturday.

Please note, this is relevant because as it happens, I actually ran this time: 7,500+ words in one day.

I am now up to 34,154 words. I doubt I'll hit 50,000 before the 15th, but the fact that I'm likely to actually hit it at all this year, let alone before the 30th just astounds me. I've never written so fast, fluidly, or consistently in my entire life.

What do you know? It kind of seems like maybe I could make a living at this! :)

Inspiration: watching Thor's "The Dark World" and thoroughly enjoying Tom Hiddleston hamming it up as Loki. I want to write characters like him one day!

Music: more Joe Hisaishi soundtracks, because I am totally obsessed with his music. Ayaka Hirahara singing "Inochi no Namae" (go check it out on Youtube!) just gets me every time.

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