Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tweet, Tweet!


So it's been nearly two years since I've posted on my blog.

After recently creating a Twitter account that links to it, and realizing that said Twitter account is being visited by a number of strangers who may, one day, want to read my work should I ever get around to publishing it, I've decided to update this blog at last.

I've ejected the Super Pink template that I originally started with because, while I do still love pink (yes, I admit it), it was starting to get a bit stale.

So I tore down the wallpaper, made it all sparkly and new again, and here I am!

In the past two years, a lot has happened. I've gone from being a frustrated librarian-to-be unable to get a job in a crowded market to being a tech librarian for a library that is trying to move ahead into the 21st century with all its bells, apps, devices, and whistles. I really enjoy being a part of that.

I've added three baby cousins to my family - well, kids of cousins, but it still counts because they're adorable! My longtime boyfriend (and best friend) and I have gotten engaged. We're looking for a place to live. And we've lost our two beloved cats which, as any pet lover can tell you, is rough.

I'm still working towards becoming a writer. I've finished one novel and am almost finished with a second, have an enormous fantasy world still bubbling and brewing in my head, and am slowly working towards getting all of my work to a point where I can publish it.

In a year, I hope to be published, married, and living in a wonderful home with many pets.

Hopefully, by the time that happens, I'll have written a few more blog posts. :)

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