Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GoogleDocs in the Library Media Center

The varied programs included in GoogleDocs offer hundreds of options in terms of teaching in the school library media center. Instead of the old-fashioned pairing off into groups to put together a poster with markers, kids are putting their thoughts into a shared document. Instead of distributing handouts with lists of class addresses and phone numbers that are easily lost, the school can e-mail you a document which can be quickly modified in case of error or change, and accessed from any computer. And this is just the beginning! Within the classroom, students can hand in assignments online, revise them at home or at school, and share them with peers. Teachers can help students outside of the classroom and connect with parents to give each child the best opportunities to succeed. Although I myself am not necessarily fond of Google's set-up (I prefer a slightly different interface), I am certain that time will allow for modification and a more interactively alterable set of programs.

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  1. I know some ppl hoo think google is an evil corporation. I don't know what I think about google. And even if you did do that w/ schools... what about ppl who don't have internet?